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Main office A&T Тrade in Moscow

3, bld. 2, Marksistskaya str., 109147, Moscow, Russia tel./fax: +7 (495) 641-59-95 E-mail: office@attrade.ru

Company profile

A&T Trade is the largest distributor and retailer of musical instruments, pro audio, and lighting equipment in the CIS and the Baltic States (ex-USSR) territory. Since its inception in 1990, the company has been committed to bringing to market the best products and service the world has to offer. Key points for achieving these ambitious goals include:

  • Coverage of all market segments
  • Partnership with the manufacturers of the world leading brands
  • Total presence in the territory
  • Setting high-level standards for marketing and tech support
  • Developing the market and supporting the creativity

Currently, A&T Trade operates in four key directions:

  • Musical Instruments
  • Pro Audio
  • Live Sound and Cinema
  • Professional Lighting

A&T Trade distribution portfolio features more than 100 brands, including such world renown names as Fender, Gibson, Marshall, Ibanez, Korg, Apogee, Shure, Yamaha, Mackie, Alesis, JBL, Soundcraft, Tama, Zildjian, AVID, Martin Audio, Genelec and many more.
A&T Trade's headquarters are located in Moscow, with the operation throughout the territory of the former USSR. Company has branches in such pivotal locations as Riga, Latvia, covering Baltic States and Kiev, Ukraine, covering the major markets in Ukraine. Utilizing the benefits of Customs Union, the Moscow office provides direct services to the markets of Belarus and Kazakhstan. A&T Trade's dealer network of several hundred companies spans over 11 time zones and provides comprehensive coverage of the vast territory.

Following the commitment to establish closer connection to its customers, A&T Trade is developing a proprietary retail network under the MuzTorg brand. Presently, over 40 stores have been established and are operating under the MuzTorg brand in Russia and Ukraine. Besides being the points of presence for company's business, MuzTorg stores also serve as meeting points for local musical communities with a lot of events like meet-n-greets, test drives and clinics hosted on regular basis.

A&T Trade is committed to providing the best and the latest in technology and is making significant investments into the education and training of its staff and that of its key partners and customers. A part of A&T Trade group, the installation company Zvuk.Svet.Kino (Sound.Light.Cinema) has an impressive track record of many successful projects. These projects range in scale from small businesses to large venues and government contracts of national scope. On an annual basis, an increasing number of training seminars, clinics and factory tours are continuously being organized to maintain the high quality expert service, which has come to be expected from A&T Trade. A network of regional service centers has been established to preserve the highest level of support for consistently growing number of customers.

A&T Trade looks forward to the future prospects with confidence in its unique ability to keep a step ahead of the market trends, indicative of a true market leader.

A&T Trade
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